Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions we frequently get about the organization

Q- Is NICA a branch of the provincial government?

A- No, as a non-profit, we work only for our membership


Q- What does the service cost?

A- All of our services are 100% free!


Q- How is your group funded?

A- Like many of you, we operate with funds in the form of a Gaming Grant. We also have a sponsorship from John Majors


Q- Do I have to be a member to get help?

A- No, we provide help to any and all groups that require it, however a membership will get you up to date information and releases related to everything Gaming


Q- Can NICA complete the Gaming application for my group?

A- Due to liability concerns, we are unable to apply for you. We can, however, help with the wording and crafting of your application and all supporting documents. Also if all the necessary documents are brought, applications can be completed on the office computer with the Coordinator assisting, as long as they are not filling in the application


Q- I don’t have a scanner and need to attach my documents to my application. What can I do?

A- We have a scanner at the office that is available for use. You can either bring the documents in when you want to apply or before with a flash drive


Q- Does NICA only work with Charitable Gaming Grant Applications?

A- That is the main focus of the organization, however if there is something else you are struggling with in terms of Non-profit or charity governance or finances, our Coordinator will do their best to assist you