#214 – 1600 Third Avenue
Prince George, BC V2L 3G6

Office: 250-562-2553
Toll free: 1-844-484-6422
Email: coordinator@northernica.org

Frequently Asked Questions

 Below are a list of questions we frequently get about the organization:

No, as a non-profit, we work for our membership and the community at large. No community group is turned away.

All of our services are 100% free!

Like many of you, we operate with funds in the form of a Community Gaming Grant. We also have   sponsorship opportunities, and Fund Raising events.

No, we provide help to any and all groups, however a few benefits of membership are:

You are added to our database. You will receive the most current up to date information on grants available both federally, provincially and other grant information we are aware of. We provide support during the grant application process, support you in any reconsiderations in the future. We provide guidance with an organization structure and implementing new programs.

Due to liability concerns, we are unable to apply for you. We can, however, help with the wording and crafting of your application and all supporting documents. Our office is available for your use to complete and submit your application on line.

Our office is fully equipped to assist you with the electronic application process.

No, that is one aspect of services provided, others are grant applications support, non-profit or charity governance, finances, and many others. Our staff are available to help.